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I learned how to crop text. I abused this power immediately.

I forgot so many things when inking this page, only noticing after I started colouring. Gwen’s earrings, some misplaced background specks that were inside the characters, Isaac’s stubble… Argh. Art is hard.  

I randomly remembered that the rule of thirds was a thing in artwork, and I should probably start using it. Hopefully that means the layout of this comic is a little easier to read properly, with the characters being on the third lines and such. Horizon’s will also be at the right height on the panels  now. Always learning, always improving.

On another note, I have an interesting relationship with Gwen as a character. She’s supposed to be a “bad guy,” but whenever I write her doing “bad guy things” my own morality gets in the way of it and I want to stop her from doing those things. But then I remember she’s not supposed to be a good person anyway and keep writing. This loop happens a lot, and it bugs me more than it should.