As you might imagine, this is where all the major characters are listed in case you can't tell what they are like by reading the comic by itself. My general guidelines are: If the character is named in the main story and is around for more then one story arc, then they will be listed here.

It is assumed you have read at least the first two chapters before reading this. 

Also, forgive me if the character doesn't look exactly the same as they do in the comic compared to this page. Art evolution y'know.

Dax profile Pic

Name: Dax. (Short for David Xavier. Yes, that makes no sense, but Richard gets shortened to Dick, so deal with it.) 

Gender: Male.

Age: Young adult. (Earth years mean nothing to their planet)

Gift/Equipment: Ungifted. Has aquired a pair of armbands that can change their shape to Dax's whim. Usually this consists of large claws or sword shapes, though simple tools like crowbars or wreches are also possible.

Languages: English, basic Skarvan.

Ethinicity: Eastern Liba.

Personality & Traits: Dax has a dry sense of humor, always ready to make fun of anything and everything to get a laugh out of someone. When not trying to do that, he is often a level headed person, able to analyse a stuation and react to is appropriately as a natural born leader.

He was a bit of a bookworm growing up, leading to an advanced knowledge of Liba's history and science, far beyond that of the common person's.

Yes, he does have square eyes. Don't bring it up. Seriously, don't. He doesn't like it when people do.

Relationships: Dax gets along quite well with Olivia and Isaac. Cassandra not so much, as they are both alpha types and when you have 2 alpha types it never works out.


Oliviaprofile Pic

Name: Olivia.

Gender: Female.

Age: Late teens.

Gift/Equipment: Ungifted. Has aquired an alien rifle that can blast her enemies with electrical bolts. And she's a pretty good shot with it too.

Languages: English.

Ethinicity: Western Liba.

Personality & Traits: The best single word to describe Olivia would be "Bubbly," as she tends to get very excited or overemotional over things others would not, much to the vexation ("Oh jeez" *facepalm* etc.) of her friends. She always tries to look at things positively, and can be a little naive because of it.

Has been known to stutter while nervous. 

Absoloutely refuses to look symmetrical, and often tries to wear aysymmetric clothing if she can find it. This stems from her youth, where much of Olivia's choices were made for her (the government was very controlling of it's citizens), so she wears these outfits (and her hairstyle) as an expression of her own freedom. 

Relationships: Olivia somehow manages to get everyone to like her. Well, aside from Blake, but she doesn't really like or dislike anyone.

Cassandra profile Pic

Name: Cassandra, often goes by "Cass."

Gender: Female.

Age: Young adult.

Gift/Equipment: Ungifted. Good sense of hearing. Strong resistance to cold. Has aquired a mechanical exoskeleton to enhance her already impressive strength and speed.

Languages: English.

Ethinicity: Northern Liba.

Personality & Traits: Cassandra is not one would call "overly friendly." She has a quick temper and will not hesitate to deadpan snarker her opponent into winning an argument. And if that doesn't work, she's always ready for a fight. Her youth was not a pleasent one, both of her parents were drug addicts and often abused her and Isaac.

Cass does have her good side however, although it does take a little time for her to trust new people. The process goes faster if you make her coffee in the morning, or alchohol in the evening. Also a bit of a control freak.

Cassandra is a stronger than average indivdual. She was forced to work for her own money during her teenage years, and that job required a decent amount of physical activity.

Relationships: Hates Dax with a passion, has a normal relationship with her brother Isaac, decent friends with Olivia. 


Name: Isaac

Gender: Male.

Age: Young adult.

Gift/Equipment: Ungifted. Good sense of hearing. Strong resistance to cold. Has aquired a pair of gloves that absorb the kenetic energy of anything that hist them, and redistributes that energy to back outwards of his fists. Basically, he punches super hard now, compares to just really hard.

Languages: English.

Ethinicity: Northern Liba.

Personality & Traits: In stark contrast to his twin sister, Isaac gets along with most people really well, even going out of his way to help strangers on some occasions. This is because he knows what it's like to be worse off than the average person (see Cassandra's bio), and sees a part of himself in them.

Isaac is a very strong individual, not being given the opportunity to have a proper education past the first half of high school (His parent's used that money to fuel their addictions). He (and Cassandra) had to take a physically exerting job to pay for themselves.

Relationships: Normal relationship with his sister Cassandra, "bros" with Dax (much to Cassandra's chagrin), tolerates Olivia's quirks. 


Name: Blake

Gender: Female.

Age: Adult.

Gift/Equipment: Ungifted. Has aquired a material that renders anything wrapped in it almost perfectly invisible. She's lined the outside of her cloak with it, making her essentially invisible to all. Blake can flip it inside-out if she wants to remain visible.

Languages: Skarvin, basic English.

Ethinicity: South western Liba.

Personality & Traits: Blake talks in short and professional-sounding sentences, which her friends assume is because English is not her native language. Also, it is alluded to that she has some kind of mental disability, but no one knows for certain.

Blake is a rather skilled doctor, and can easily treat injuries from the serious to the trivial.

Relationships: Blake has a very VARY srtong connection to everyone in her group of friends, but doesn't show it except in times of extreme danger or tension. For example: (Spoiler alert) when she killed someone that had kidnapped her friends...

Non-starting characters are below this line. Slight spoiler warning for those reading this before finishing the archive.

Alfie profile pic

Name: Alfie

Gender: Male.

Age: Adult.

Gift/Equipment: Can teleport himself and one or two others over short distances. A pinkish haze surrounds them whever Alfie does this.

Languages: English.

Ethinicity: Native Eteran.

Personality & Traits: Alfie is a bit of a stuck up snob, used to being the one that's vastly in control of any situation, as he can often put his enemies in very vulnerable positions. He's also very overconfident due to his frequent successes. 

Relationships: Only has one known acquaintance: A swordsman named Edmund.

Other Notes: Was last drawn when I had just switched from Adobe flash to Illustrator. So his face is messed up.  

Gwenovere profile Pic

Name: Gwenovere. (Gwen, though don't call her that within earshot)

Gender: Female.

Age: Technically adult. (See gift)

Gift/Equipment: Has a powerful healing factor, with a side effect of not physically aging at all.

Languages: English.

Ethinicity: Native Eteran.

Personality & Traits: Gwenovere is a massive masochist, and a sadistic one to boot. Her healing factor  has lengthed her lifespan considerably, to the point where she became somewhat mentally unhinged. She has a few underlings round up slaves to bring to her home (A castle on a cliff face) so she can abuse them into attacking her, because masochisim. Kinda messed up if you ask me. 

Relationships: Has several people working for her, which she treats with compempt. On top of that, a geat number of people have been forced into fighting her in an attempt to defend themselves, only for her to finish them off when they get too "boring."

Noah profile Pic

Name: Noah.

Gender: Male.

Age: Young adult.

Gift/Equipment: Life signs detector. Can see people's life essence through walls, and also a record of where they have been.

Languages: English.

Ethinicity: Native Eteran.

Personality & Traits: Noah is, for lack of a beter term, quite used to the simple life. Normally the most stressful thing he has to deal with is what he'll have for dinner this evening. So when he was suddenly thown headfirst into a life-threatening situation, one might assume he was acting rather cowardly. He's not the bravest soul, but has definitly been thrown hard out of his comfort zone.

Relationships: Noah has recently met up with the original 5 protagonists, forming a close bond with Dax in particular, as Dax was the one who rescused him in the first place. He lives in a town called Eastmeadow, and presumably has a family there.