So far no one has asked me any questions about my comic, so I only have some generic things here. If you would like to ask me anything, I have a twitter @Pizzaboy10 and a tumblr, or if you know me on Facebook you can private message me.


1. What's the upload shedule?

Right now, it's on Saturdays at 1 am Australian Eastern time. Here's hoping I can stick to it.

So far, I don't have one. I'm working on the comic in my free time, so it's on a "When I feel like it" basis. When I'm done with school I'll be sure to get this on a reliable schedule.


2. Why's it called "Power of Ether?"

That would be a spoiler. A minor one, but it'll make sense when it comes up. Wait and see!


3. What's your status on Fanart/Fanfiction?

If you want to create fanart, by all means do so and you're welcome to send it to me over Twitter or Tumblr. Just keep it PG. As far as fanfiction is concerned, I'm probably not going to read it even if you send it to me, so just do whatever you want.


4. I have a character idea/Plot idea. Can I send it to you?

I'd prefer you didn't, but what am I going to do, stop you? It's my comic, and I reserve the right to draw inspiration from other people. Just keep in mind it's almost guaranteed that I won't add your character, or if I do they will probably be heavily modified to the point of non-recognition. Links are above for sending me images.


5. I discovered a bug in the site/a broken link/a spelling error in a commentary. 

Impossible, I am perfect in every way.

Haha but seriously, if you discover something broken then (Politely and specifically!) let me know and I'll try to fix it. Just keep in mind that someone else may have already told me, so don't spam me with messages.