This page is now outdated. Now I'm currently using a program known as Design Doll to position 3d models in the positions I want, and use that as a guide for character positions and stuff. It really helps with the hands and fingers.




So, a friend of mine wanted to see how I draw the comic, what's my process and all. Well, I can't show you the whole system, mostly because I can't be stuffed to do that, but here's a good example of the 2 most recent comics as of making this page, as well as one of the much earlier ones.


Comic 2-12



As you can see, the finished product doesn't look much like the original thing at all. I don't use speech bubbles in the sketch, I often skip out on detailed faces, even drop the backgrounds entirely in some cases. Hell, in panel 5 I knew that Cassandra and Alfie wouldn't move much so I just redrew only the face. Also, as you can see in panels 4 and 10, sometimes I'll throw out the sketch entirely and draw another one.

Oh, by the way, I'll admit that I literally copy-pasted in panel 5. But to be fai, they weren't moving. I don't abuse Ctrl-C, Ctrl-V all that much I swear, it's just for things that don't move, liek backgrounds and people held by the front of their shirt.


Here's comic 2-13, which mostly survived intact.



Only panel 3 was changed. At first I wanted Dax to be on the ground trying to get the tent back into its sleeve, but it proved too hard to draw Olivia standing next to him and still having it look right. So I scrapped that and had him offscreen, and walk towards Olivia in the next panel.


And here we go, into the earlier archive. Urgh, I cringe every time I see this stuff. Comic 1-08



Thank goodness my art style has improved SO MUCH since back then. I mean, look at Cass in the sketch! That's not how you draw boobs Damien. Sheesh. Seriously though, right after hands/feet and faces, boobs are the hardest thing to draw correctly. Damn women and their curves. [Har har quality humour (!)]