This is the history of the world before "Written history." 

In the very beginning, the world was a very harsh and inhospitable place. Lava flowed freely on the surface, the atmosphere was full of chemicals like Sulphur and Methane. And that is when Atherion came. 

Atherion was a celestial deity, an all powerful, ageless creature with an origin that only he knows of. When he came across this world, on a whim he decided to make it special in some way. And so he named it "Tereth," and began to work. He cooled the planet's surface, ending the constant lava flow. From this, the toxic chemicals in the atmosphere no longer had any source, so over time the air was purified. Atherion pulled many ice comets out of their paths and redirected them towards Tereth, creating vast oceans and massive continents. And then suddenly, he vanished. Bored with his little project, Atherion left behind a single white moon to symbolise his work, and left for reasons unknown. 

Many, many years later, two other celestial deities arrived at Tereth. They saw it was a crafted world, and wondered why it was abandoned. These two deities, named Milos and Medina, decided to complete this unfinished world. Medina created the plants that would thrive on the lands, and even in the oceans. Milos had a different idea, and crafted fauna and humanity. However, without realising it, Milos had crafted them with a basic need for food, such as the flora that Medina had created. Medina was naturally quite upset by this, and in revenge filled the oceans with an acidic chemical, killing all the sea creatures and preventing any land animals from leaving their lands. This sparked a great rivalry between the two, and they both left Tereth to fight their battles elsewhere.

However, before they left, following in the footsteps of Atherion before them, they both left behind moons as symbols of their work. Milos's was red and cracked, while Medina's was green and spotted.

Also, before leaving, Milos left behind several giant stone structures in the various continents of the world, covered in symbols depicting the history of how the world was crafted. 


Around 5000 years later, Humanity started genetic manipulation experiments in order to gain an edge over other warring factions...