New Readers

Welcome to my little corner of the internet. This is where I am making my webcomic, known as Power of Ether.

So, I had started drawing this comic in whatever program had some kind of art stuff. Which at the time was Adobe Flash. Now, Adobe Flash is designed for animation, not art, plus I wasn't an experience artist anyway. So if you wanna read those comics, click here and you'll start there. If you'd rather not trawl through all that, then I don't blame you. Here's a summary of what happened.


Five people are all on a beach, wandering around, clearly lost. Their names are David (Known as Dax), Olivia, Cassandra (Nickname Cass), Isaac (Twin brother of Cass) and Blake (WHo is a woman. It’s a female name where she is from). As it was approaching sunset, they all took rest in what appeared to be an abandoned facility on the coast. When they woke up the next day, the five of them found themselves on a large transport ship in the middle of the ocean, with no land in sight. Apparently they had slept on the ship and it had launched itself in the night.

After coming to their senses, Dax went inside the ship’s deck, followed by the others. There they found various shipping containers, and a few loose crates with various supplies. Most of it was camping equipment, but one crate contained a large quantity of bottomless pockets. Pretty much exactly what they sound like, the bottomless pockets are a very closely guarded secret by the government of Liba (the landmass that humans originate from) So they decided to take a few bottomless pockets with them, to make carrying around the other stuff that they stole a little easier.

Now, the reason that they were stealing in the first place was because Dax had discovered that the ship was on a one-way trip. Fearing for their safety, the group of 5 decided to sneak off the boat as soon as it landed and try to live off the land, as far away from the potentially dangerous natives as possible. Here the story starts on the second night.


I hope you enjoy the comic! It updates on Saturdays at 1 am Australian Eastern time.