Sketch book


Fanart for tumblr user solar-citrus, also known as Colleen Butters. She made a joke about turning 24 soon, and going to great lengths to avoid doing so. So I decided to draw this for her. It’s not as good as I would like it to be, but I’m satisfied with it nonetheless. The giant 24 is probably the worst part.

TTT fanart 3

This is here in case you thought the last page was too dark to look at properly. If enough people tell me this is the better version I'll swap them out.


Comic2 16 Lighter

Olivia OriginalOlivia 10 months


Ok, let’s compare the two with a critical analysis. Over the months my art style has given characters:

  • Larger heads

  • Straighter shoulders

  • Actual hips.

  • Proper shading on the, uhh, “female torso,” shall we say,

  • Hair follows the law of gravity.

    • It also blocks light on Olivia’s face.

  • Clothing has wrinkles

  • Female chins have a point to them.

  • Eyes have pupils.

  • I’d say I got rid of eyelashes, but to be honest I forgot to add them in after the first comic and never put them back.

  • Oh yeah, and I changed the font to something more legible. I mean, at first I thought it was pretty good but then people complained so I switched over.

Yeah. I’d say that I’ve made massive improvements over these 10 months. Let’s wait and see what it all looks like at 20!




So, this was me deciding to take a quick break from Power of Ether and making some fanart for a tabletop RPG channel on youtube I am subscribed to, which you can go to here. It was basically one person trying to screw with the narrator by saying an unchangable "out of character" moment and such. He immediately got punished for it, which lead me to think of some kind of justification for the lovely quote in the last panel there. A couple of showers and their associated shower thoughts later, and we have this. 

Oh, and if any of you are here because you saw this featured on the channel, please feel free to check out the main comic I have made. It's not too long yet, only just started the whole webcomic thingy. Just click on the "new readers" tab up above, or in that link I just made there.

Of course, if you don't want to read it, then that's fine. *Sadface*